How to use Tinder to stop deportations

(using this bot might be a breach of Tinder’s terms of service so they can block your account)

What do I need?

  1. A laptop or computer

  2. Your phone

What do I do?

  1. Download Tinder on your phone, using your Facebook account. This step should be self-explanatory (but let us know if you have any problems).

  2. Optimise your Tinder account. You want maximum matches! Upload several good photos of yourself - good tips include: smiling, face clearly visible, not wearing sunglasses, not too many group photos. Write a short personal bio. Even a few words makes a big difference.

  3. Set your Tinder preferences: maximum distance: 3 miles, age range: as broad as you feel comfortable going - a bigger range reaches more people! Whatever your normal gender preference is.

  4. If you don’t have it already, download the Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

  5. Download the zip file from Google Drive It will download as a Google Chrome extension

  6. Activate the extension. Go to chrome://extensions and, in the top right, flick the toggle so you switch on “Developer Mode”. At the top left there should be an option called “Load Unpacked”. Click on “Load Unpacked” and go to the file where your extension is saved. Select it. Volt should then appear as a small lightning bolt in your browser, to the right of your address bar.

  7. Run Volt, select the lightning bolt in your browser and follow the instructions. You’ll need to be logged in to Facebook.

  8. On Thursday morning, click ‘Start assignment’ on your Chrome plug in, and watch the bot run.

Have fun! You can watch the matches pile in and the conversations run from your own Tinder profile if you like. You'll be able to jump in and chat alongside the script, too, so you can bring your very own campaigning skills into play ;)

Thank you, again, SO MUCH for your help.


You can stop and start the tool at any time

  • We do filter for abuse and disengage from conversations, but we might not catch everything.

  • We don’t store any of your data or details.

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