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If you found our website because you are making an asylum claim on the grounds of sexuality these links may be useful:

LGBT+ Asylum Support Groups


The UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) promotes equality and dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+) people who seek asylum in the UK, or who wish to settle here to be with their partners.

Micro Rainbow International tackle poverty and promote integration of LGBTI refugees in the UK.

Rainbows Across Borders is a volunteer-led self-help group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution of oppressive homophobic/transphobic regimes. (Croydon).

Outcome at Islington Mind

Outcome is Islington Mind’s LGBTQ+ service. Their project – Freedom from Fear to Love – offers people seeking asylum an individual support package based on a personalised needs assessment, offering support with the challenges of settling in the UK, including companion support to critical appointments, such as home office interviews, hearings and health related appointments.


LISG - We are a group of women in Greater Manchester who are lesbian and bisexual asylum seekers and refugees and their supporters.

First Wednesday is a support and social group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the Greater Manchester area who are in the asylum process.


African Rainbow Family (ARF) is a not-for-profit organisation that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer people of African heritage.


Lesbian Asylum Seekers Support (LASS) Supporting and empowering LBTQ+ and non binary asylum seekers and refugees in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire (Sheffield).


Free to Fly is the a group in Leicester for LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers. This group is a social and support group.


Asylum Seekers Social

Address: Birmingham LGBT Centre 38/40 Holloway Circus, Birmingham B1 1EQ

Group meets: 3rd Friday of the month from 1 – 4pm.

Info: Just turn up.


LGBT Unity

Address: The Unity Centre Glasgow, 30 Ibrox Street, Glasgow G51 1AQ (Mon – Fri)

Group meets: Bi-weekly at LGBT Health and Wellbeing, 12 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow 6pm-8pm.

Info: This is a closed group and requires referral through Unity Centre or the Scottish Refugee Council.


KAIROS – Nottingham Lesbian Immigration Support Group

We are a friendly and supportive group of lesbian and bi women incl. asylum seekers, refugees and their supporters in the local community. We offer help and support through the asylum application process.

Group meets: Please phone or email for more information

Contact: 07938 556788 or

Asylum support

Right to Remain work with communities, groups and organisations across the UK, providing information, resources, training and assistance to help people to establish their right to remain, and to challenge injustice in the immigration and asylum system.

Trauma support

Freedom from Torture help survivors to find their voices again and to rebuild their lives.

Room to Heal supports refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced torture and human rights abuses.

Detention Support

Medical justice is a charity that offers medical help to those held in immigration detention in the UK.

SOAS Detainee Support - Support Solidarity visits to immigration detention centres.

AVID is the Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees.

BRASS (Bedfordshire Refugee Asylum Seeker Support) supports refugees and asylum seekers in Bedfordshire, UK. We provide advice on a range of issues, English language tuition, and social activities.

Deportation Support

End Deportations - Campaign to end mass deportations:

LGBTQI+ faith groups:

The vision of the Metropolitan Community Church is to express faith inwardly, outwardly and upwardly through grace, inclusion and compassion.

We will achieve this by:  (London)  (Manchester)

IMAAN - the UK’s leading LGBTQ Muslim Charity.