#DearBA - Drag Queen Helvetica Bold delivers the letters to British Airways

To celebrate their 100th birthday, British Airways are running a huge advertising campaign, including 100 ‘love-letters’ to Britain from staff, celebrities, and the public. According to BA, “The BA 100” are “the people who represent the values we want to celebrate and make Britain the creative, open-minded, pioneering and welcoming place it is today.”

To mark the centenary, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants have assembled our own 100 letters, addressed to BA instead, and calling on them to stop deportations. These letters showcase other voices - including migrants, former BA staff, and BA customers - and demonstrate the wide support that there is to stop deportations. Read all the letters here.

Drag Queen Helvetica Bold tried to deliver these letters to British Airways, watch the video to see what happened!

Tweet your support for the campaign to @British_Airways with #DearBA #BA100 #stopdeportations - make sure to tag us @lgsmigrants!